10 Effective Ways to Get Rid Of Ugly Tartar Stains From Your Teeth

How can one ever enjoy delicious tartar without thinking about the other tartar that sticks on your teeth? Tartar is worse than plaque and will never go unless you follow the golden rule of brush, floss, and rinse. Neglected tartar on teeth is what precedes severe gum infection and diseases. Additionally, would one really want to look at your tartar stained teeth? Oral health is extremely necessary not just for cosmetic purposes but to protect your gums and teeth. If tartar and plaque is allowed to remain, you can say goodbye to your teeth early in your adult life. Why suffer tartar on your teeth and why use expensive medicines and procedures to remove it. Just follow these sure shot remedies for removing tartar stains on your teeth.

Baking soda and salt
Tartar removal is not necessarily complex. It can be removed once you start a regular routine of managing it. Baking soda has an antibacterial effect that acts as an effective agent to wipe out these stains. It additionally helps in whitening teeth as well.

How to do it
You must mix 1 tbsp of baking soda with a pinch of salt and put some of this mixture on your toothbrush. Alternatively, you could also simply add it to your regular toothpaste. You must however ensure that you repeat this exercise only once a week to prevent damage of your teeth enamel.

Orange peel
Orange peel leftovers are wasted if they are thrown out just like that. Any citrus fruit serves as an effective cleaning agent owing to its acidic properties. Orange peels help in removing plaque easily. You can either rub the peel over your teeth directly for a couple of minutes or make a paste out of it or apply it. You must ensure to rinse your mouth with preferable lukewarm water thereafter. This process should be repeated several times in a week.

Lemon juice
Lemon juice is an even better option than orange peels. It gives you faster and better results. Along with getting rid of the plaque, lemon juice whitens teeth as well. The process is also simple. Simply dipping your toothbrush in fresh lemon juice before brushing your teeth helps. It should be left on for a minute before rinsing. Excess use of lemon juice should be avoided along with ensuring quick removal as it can lead to erosion of the teeth. You could also consider using lemon juice diluted with water or with a carrier agent like coconut oil which is also good for oral health.

Sesame seeds
Sesame seeds not only serve as a brilliant garnishing for your salad but also as an agent for removing tartar stain. They clean your teeth and also act as a natural scrub. Sesame seeds are also great for health as they contain protein, fiber and minerals like copper, calcium and magnesium.

How to do it
You must take a full tablespoon of seeds into your mouth and chew well. A paste should be formed carefully and then applied to the teeth without being swallowed. After this, brush your teeth with the paste and a dry toothbrush. Repeating this process twice a week is very helpful.

Hydrogen peroxide and mouthwash
Both hydrogen peroxide as well as mouthwash contains antimicrobial properties. Mix 1 tbsp of antiseptic mouthwash with 3 tbsp of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Gargling with this mixture for a couple of minutes should be succeeded by rinsing your mouth with clean water.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is another easily accessible remover in your kitchen. Oil has an antibacterial effect against microorganisms. In fact, oil pulling has become a well-known cleansing procedure these days. On swishing a tbsp or two of oil around your mouth for 10-15 minutes, the cleansing procedure will have almost been finished. Simply rinse your mouth well with warm water to notice changes.

Strawberries and tomatoes
Tomatoes and strawberries are both very rich in Vitamin С. These are a good alternative to citrus. The pulp of either of these should be applied to the teeth for about 5 minutes. Then rinse soon after.

Aloe vera and glycerin
Aloe vera and glycerin is a very good concoction of goodness for your teeth. Aloe vera is well known as a natural super ingredient for its health properties both for skin and oral health. It is packed with vitamins and essential nutrients.

How to do it
Mix 1 tsp of aloe vera gel, 4 tsp of vegetable glycerin, 10 drops of lemon essential oil and 4 tbsp of baking soda in 1 cup of water to get a smooth paste. Make sure to use this paste to brush your teeth once a day. Gradually you will notice the tartar stains vanishing. Then repeat this exercise once in every 3-4 days. Aloe vera has medicinal properties that help the teeth and gums and lemon oil fights the bacteria.

Cloves are a very well known remedy for tooth-ache. However, it also fights the microbes in your mouth. Add some olive oil to some ground cloves and apply the mixture on the stained areas. Chewing on cloves also is advised as it not only kills bacteria but also avoids bad breath. This is recommended over chewing gum any day.

Sanguinaria (bloodroot)
Bloodroot or sanguinariaia is an unsual ingredient whose extract is often included in toothpastes. It is a safe, antibacterial agent that is greatly effective for reducing tartar. Just a few drops of sanguinaria extract should be added to a cup of warm water to make a mouthwash. You can use this to gargle every day or even twice daily.

If you have sensitive teeth
All of these procedures are helpful when you have usual and not a severe condition of tartar on your teeth. For stubborn stains and serious tartar conditions, you have to see a dentist who will perform certain procedures with instruments to remove the stains from your teeth. If you have sensitive teeth, then avoid using the remedies that involve natural acids as they may not be suitable for your teeth.

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