Ways to Get Rid of Acne or Pimples

OK so let me directly tell you , if you don’t want to hurt your lovely skin you’ve to wait at least till 10–15 days; there’s different kinds of pimples,acne and definitely there are different reasons too so may be what worked for me won’t work for you, so you’ve to deal this situation patiently, there’s no magic remedies which will remove all of your acne overnight and if there is any it will definitely harm you.

Ok so here’s few tips:

The first thing which you should consume right after getting up from your bed is lukewarm water with lemon drops in it, Trust me it’ll definitely work, Acne has a direct relation with your stomach, so first of all try to figure out your digestion issues.

Vitamin C: vitamin C is very beneficial when you are dealing with acne, Eating and applying both will help you in this situation. You can buy serum which i know is definitely quite expensive so I’ve better option for you, Apply lemon juice but yeah only once or twice in a week, Dermatologists say that the excess use of citric acid can irritate your skin and it contains a high percentage of citric acid in it.

Moisturizer: Don’t forget to moisturize your skin. Actually you should not! but only use non comedogenic moisturizer, i would suggest you to use coconut oil because it helps in fading scars and moisturizes well but its allergic so give it a shot that it suits you or not, and if not then buy any non- comedogenic moisturizer from market (You can apply Aloe Vera gel too Preferably use fresh Aloe Vera from plant).

Exercise: Walk in morning Or evening, exercise, dance whatever or whichever you want but please get up and do.

Have a fixed routine: Its not about at what time you’re sleeping or waking, its all about your body. Unfixed routines will definitely affect your skin too. Have your meals at proper time, Fix your washrooms timing too (you know what i mean), and sleep on time for 8 hours at least.

Food: Avoid sugar, potato or anything with high glycemic index in it, Avoid oils, sweets as much as you can. Nutrients plays very important role in every thing. At least have one fruit, 5 pieces of dry fruits in you diet, Your skin will reflect what you’ll feed to it. No matter which expensive products you are applying on your skin it will automatically fade away when you stop applying it so look for long -term and profitable options. Trust me, those green spinach, oranges, tomatoes will give you a unique inner glow and without any side effects.

Water: Have 3 litres of water, It will help in removing all toxins from your body. It will cleanse your skin from inside.

Cleanliness: Wash your face in a day with a good face wash which is specially made for problematic skin what i would personally suggest you is Neutrogena’s face wash with its toner. If you are not toner type then you can go with rosewater but big reason why I was suggesting you Neutrogena’s toner because it helps in those itching and allergies.

Clean you pillows, face towels, phone screens,and makeup brushes twice a week. And one more thing don’t leave your head with oil on those Saturday nights if you are dealing with forehead acne.

And these are all what i can tell you, well i’m not any experienced dermatologist but it will definitely help you.

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