How to get rid of back acne without medication

How to get rid of back acne without medication

What would work for me is this: Add 1 tablespoon of Tea Tree Oil to your wash cloth that has your cleansing soap on it and wash your back with this solution for about 30 seconds. Do not scrub this area with a scrubbing soap or cloth as the TTO is very exfoliating and drying. Within 1 day you will notice your back is less acne prone and the skin is dryer and smoother. You may do this every day or every 2nd day until the acne is gone.

Also: Change your diet to a healthy one with eliminating fried foods and sugary treats. Replace these with fresh fruit, berries and yogurt are good treats and low fat protein with one leafy green salad daily with a low fat salad dressing. You need some oil so it is best to not use a fat-free dressing.

Drink 8 glasses of water daily.

Drink a glass of warm fresh lemon water with some honey first thing in the morning. Your skin will love this!

Sleep 8 hours every night to help your body balance your hormones.

Exercise: Walk 15 minutes one way and 15 minutes back daily. You may also do your favorite sporting activity for exercise. This will help you sweat out impurities along with the water you drink daily.

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