How to Apply Foundation ?

It is not an easy task to apply foundation. Just the slightest mistake can ruin the beauty of your face. So,

it is really important to use the right tricks to apply foundation on your face. This article will guide you

regarding various ways to apply foundation.

Here are some of the tips that you should follow while applying foundation on your face.

1.) How to Apply Liquid Foundation:

This is the very first step of getting an attractive look. All you need to choose the right kind of foundation

liquid depending upon your skin tone. Now pour this foundation on your makeup plate. Take the

quantity depending upon your skin type.

2.) Pick Up Dense, Flat or Top Brush:

Depending on your choice just pick up dense, flat, and top brush. Now take this brush and dip it in the

foundation. Now make a dot by using this brush on your nose, around the borders of your face, cheeks,

and your chin. One dip of the brush is enough to make the a dot.

3.) Apply Foundation on Nose:

Your first choice should be your nose. Nose is a tight area of your face so start making a pattern from it

and then move ahead towards the cheeks and borders of your face. Start stippling the product inwards

and towards the center. Just keep on repeating this process until the foundation spread on your face.

This is a very important step to apply foundation.

4.) Apply What is Left on the Brush:

Apply the foundation left on your brush over the area above your lips and below your mouth. Just stipple it effectively and avoid applying it to the area where you get smile lines.

5.) Use Foundation Under Your Eyes on a Regular Basis:

Applying bit of foundation under your eyes lightens it. Take a little bit of foundation on the outer edge of your brush and make a dot under your eyes and then stipple it lightly over this area. Also, apply it under your eyes, eyelid, and brow bone. It is a very important step to apply foundation under your eyes.

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