Get Rid Of Bad Breath Forever With These Simple Tricks

Considering bad breath can make a really bad first impression and can sometimes be just down right

nasty, it’s important to know what you can do to get rid of bad breath, for good. Although we may think

brushing our teeth once or twice a day may do the job, there are many factors to think about that can

contribute to foul odor. These could be anywhere from the food you eat to how long you keep your

mouth closed. Here are some simple tricks to kick the stink straight back to the can.

How To Get Rid of Bad Breath

Eat Healthy & Fresh

Bad breath stems from 2 major places- the stomach and the bacteria in our mouths. Many foods we eat

can sit incorrectly in our stomach causing the acids that break down the food to be extra smelly and that

smell travels right up and out of our mouth. This is why sometimes you can brush and brush and brush

and still feel and smell the stench.

To eliminate bad breath with our diet, we can:

Drink plenty of water. (You can add things like lime and cucumber to refresh your breath and stay free of


Eat berries, oranges and melons. Fruits and vegetables not only provide you with essential vitamins but

also help combat gingivitis and gum disease which can cause bad breath.

Care for your Mouth

Other times, the food gets stuck in little crevasses in our mouths and begin to rot. Keeping our mouths

closed for long periods of time create a warm environment for bacteria to flourish.

Make sure to:

Brush at least 2 or 3 times a day. (Hopefully you were already doing that.)

Floss at least every two days. You’d be surprised how much gunk is lodged in between your teeth and

gums. Removing this will make you feel cleaner and seriously reduce the morning breath.

If you want to do a super teeth cleaning and whitening, you can make a simple mix of water peroxide and

baking soda.

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