Beauty : Home Remedies For dark circle

Dark circles under the eye are killers of beauty. A dark circle under the eye gives your personality a depressed and deprived sick outlook. If you are facing those dirty dark shades under your eyes every time you look in the mirror then read on to know how to make them go!

Dark circles are one of the major disorders of one’s health, which ruin almost 50% beauty of you’re face. Dark circles are caused due to the following reasons.

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Age factor is one the most common cause of dark circles under the eye since when you get older the skin becomes thin especially under the eye area becomes very delicate and thin that the blood veins under them become visible.

Lack of necessary sleep is also a major cause of dark circles under the eye. The dark circles under the eyes of students and teenagers are due to lack of sleep. dark circles look very bad on the face.

Lack of necessary nutrition is another cause for dark circles under your eyes.

Not only lack of sleep, but lack of nutrition will also make itself appear in the blackness under your eyes. Other common causes for dark circles under eye include the sun exposure and excess of getting drugs and medicines.

After letting you know about the causes of dark circles let’s discuss some of its solutions to get rid of dark circles.

For removing the nightmare of dark circles under the eye complete the quota of your sleep. Have at least 8 hours of sleep at night. We bet the dark circles will be reduced noticeably.


Another way of removing this beauty killer is by applying the juice of potato and

cucumber over them. This easy home remedy for dark circles will make them

go away soon. Similarly, the mixture of lemon juice and tomato juice will also

refresh the skin under your eye and kills the effects of dark circles.

You will be amazed to know that cold (used) tea bags can also be toner in

removing the dark circles under your eye. See how useless things can give you

big benefits. This is the plus point of home remedies for dark circles since they

cost you nothing but a soothing effect under your eye area.

One of the most hit-to-target tips for dark circles is the application of a mixture

having lanolin cream, lemon juice, and cucumber. Keep this mixture over dark

circles for almost 16 minutes. Use solution twice a week until the dark circles

are not removed.

Dark circles under eyes kill your beauty; get rid of them as soon as possible by

applying the above home remedies.

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