Best Home Remedies For Peeling Skin On Your Feet

Home Remedies For Peeling Skin On Your Feet
Did you notice peeling skin on feet? This condition can be caused due to various reasons and skin problems. It might be the skin near your toes, ankles, ball of the foot, heels or any other area on the foot. What are the causes of peeling skin on feet and toes? How to cure dry peeling skin on feet? Keep reading to find the answers.

_Peeling Skin on Feet: Causes

The most common cause of peeling skin on feet is dehydration. Especially peeling of skin at bottom of your feet is caused when your skin gets dehydrated due to dry weather. This causes your skin to shrink and it starts peeling. Wrinkles on skin along with peeling skin is a common condition. Another skin condition called exfoliative dermatitis can cause the skin to peel off. Severe sunburns can result into peeling of skin along with reddening and itching. Peeling skin syndrome, an inherited and extremely rare skin disorder can also be a possible cause.

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Cracked skin in which dust gets easily accumulated, can further worsen the condition leading to thick peeling skin on feet. Eczema is known to cause inflammation, blistering and peeling skin condition along with rash. Excess perspiration caused due to constant use of closed and tight footwear can also lead to this condition. Erythroderma, a type of psoriasis that is characterized by reddening of skin is another cause of peeling skin. Athlete’s foot, which is a fungal infection affecting the feet can also be a probable cause of peeling skin.

_Peeling Skin on Feet: Cures

Remember that dryness is the primary cause of peeling skin on feet. The first thing you can do is hydrate the skin on your feet. Start moisturizing your feet with a specially formulated foot moisturizer of a good brand. You can also opt for a safer solution to this by using natural oils like almond oil, vitamin E oil or olive oil, which will help moisturize your dry or even extremely dry skin and treat peeling problems. Moisturizing and massaging the area with oils or skin moisturizers, can mostly cure the problem of peeling feet and hands.

For peeling sunburn skin, you need to apply some cold and soothing gels. Aloe vera gel is the best one to opt for in this case. You can either buy it or get fresh juice from the aloe vera stems. You can also keep applying rose water to cure skin damaged due to sunburn. Read more on how to prevent sunburn peeling.

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Fresh mint juice is another remedy that works very well in treating peeling skin on hands and legs. Applying fresh mint juice twice a day is the best way to cure peeling skin caused due to eczema or fungal infections. It will also moisturize the feet and make it smooth. Cucumber is also a beneficial ingredient to treat peeling skin.

It is important to follow a healthy diet, so as to have a healthy skin. Also make sure you avoid use of soaps and detergents that can further aggravate this condition. In case you don’t get relief and notice excess inflammation, rash and itching, along with peeling skin on feet, you must consult a dermatologist. Twice a week, keep your feet in a tub full of water and add natural oils and rose water to it, so as to soothe, cleanse and nourish the skin and have problem-free feet.

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