Coconut And Oil Baking Soda Natural Face Cleanse

Baking Soda And Coconut Oil Natural Face Cleanse: This natural face cleanser combines two amazingly effective natural ingredients – coconut oil and baking soda. As we all know, baking soda is a very strong, versatile ingredient that is utilized in many different ways. For instance, people use baking soda to prepare different baked goods, as well as when performing household chores. Baking soda comes in handy when you require a natural polishing or deodorizing product.


In addition, some of them use baking soda as a cleaning product, as a replacement for toxic and harmful commercial cleaners.

What is even more interesting is that baking soda has been used as a beauty product for skin, teeth, and hair for a long time.

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It provides outstanding results in healing acne because baking soda is an amphoteric compound which means that it has the ability to maintain normal pH levels of your skin and prevent acne.

Coconut oil is helpful too because it has strong moisturizing, healing, and antibacterial properties. It is a well-known natural product for preserving and promoting skin health.


Two teaspoons of extra virgin coconut oil
One teaspoon of baking soda (free of aluminum).

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Take a small bowl, put the ingredients in it and mix them well. You should get a paste. Use this paste directly on the skin and rub the area slowly. After that, leave it for about five minutes.
Next, use warm water to wash the mixture, and while you are rinsing massage the area one more time. The coconut oil has the ability to hydrate skin thoroughly, so you won’t need to use a moisturizing cream once the procedure is finished.

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