How To Fix Greasy Hair Naturally

How To Fix Greasy Hair Naturally : The main cause of oily hair is excessive sebum production. Sebum glands clog the hair root, causing excessive hair loss. If you’re wondering why your hair gets greasy so fast, you must know that the causes are: unhealthy diet, heredity, drug treatments or improper hair care. See how to get rid of oily hair:

Baby powder

If you have an important meeting and you didn’t wash your hair, the usual baby powder can quickly save you. Powder your hair, leave it on for seven minutes and then comb your hair. The powder will absorb the oil and your hair will not be so greasy.

Mint leaves

Place in a small bowl half a cup of water and put it to boil. Add a handful of mint leaves in the water. Mix the solution and pour it over shampoo.

Apple cider vinegar

After you’ve washed and rinsed your hair, apply 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar over it and rub your hair as you would with a conditioner. Don’t apply vinegar on the scalp, just only on the half of hair length, from the middle to ends. Let the vinegar act for 5-7 minutes and wash your hair with warm water. By following this procedure you’ll get a softer hair.

What you should avoid:

  1. Avoid washing your hair with hot water and avoid drying it with a hair dryer (this accelerates split ends);
  2. Avoid wearing tight headphones or hats;
  3. Don’t use the hair brush. Brushing does nothing but stretching the sebum throughout the hair from root to ends. Just simply combing your hair is enough.
  4. Avoid any products that contain silicone, oils and the “2 in 1” ones that can be aggressive to your hair, causing the sebaceous glands to produce even more oil.


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