How to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Your Hair Fast

How to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Your Hair Fast

Hair fall results due to various reasons. reasons like: Genetics, Stress, Hormonal changes, Potassium channel deterioration, Poor nutrition, Thyroid problems, Anemia, Autoimmune diseases, Certain medications, Chemotherapy, Extreme weight loss, Ageing in general, Bad habits like smoking and drinking, Environmental factors like pollution.

So, the treatment is different for each problem.

If one does not suffer from genetic hair fall conditions, then a good diet, sleep and sufficient exercise daily is essential to ensure that our hair follicles are strong and healthy.

For some (including me) application of warm oil (any vegetable oil: coconut, olive, almond, mustard, castor, and so on) and hot towel treatment before washing the hair works wonders in reducing the number of strands that we lose daily.

While applying oil on the scalp do ensure that the oil is gently massaged onto the scalp. This ensures blood circulation in the scalp and helps reduce hair fall.

Use of herbal or organic or home made products to clean and condition one’s hair, are considered safer options as they are devoid of the harmful chemicals.

Some chemicals that one may avoid while buying a shampoo/conditioner/serum are:

  • Sulfate based surfactants
  • Silicones
  • Parabens

Apart from this, one needs to avoid the harmful chemical treatments that include application of heat to the hair strands, stripping them off their natural shine and moisture.

So, finally eat and sleep well and have a daily exercise regime to ensure you take the first step in getting healthy strong tresses. All the best 🙂

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