HOW TO GET RID OF DARK CIRCLES OVERNIGHT:  Dark circles and under-eye bags are one of the biggest pains in my butt, as I’m sure it is for you as well! Today we’ll show you how to get rid of dark circles overnight! We think we’ve had enough water and sleep, but then we still wake up looking like we haven’t slept in 10 years! What gives? Unfortunately, as we get older, our skin starts to lose elasticity, therefore sagging, and since the area underneath our eyes is concave, it will always look darker and saggier. Thankfully, I’ve found 3 different ways to drastically minimize the look of dark circles overnight! I hope this will work for you as well as it worked for me!

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes Overnight
These 3 methods are some of my favorite and most effective methods at getting rid of dark circles overnight, BUT see which works best for you as every skin type is completely different!

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°1. Serum

One of the best ways to see a huge difference in the morning is using a really good serum. Personally, I don’t like purchasing serums as I feel they’re overpriced and don’t work as well as they claim so I make my own! You can click here to check out some of my favorite serum recipes. Serums are uber-concentrated to work fast and efficiently, injecting the skin with lots of moisture and leaving you with a “well-rested” look in the morning!

°2. Carrot Juice

Few people use carrot juice as a way to tighten skin, reduce dark circles and wrinkles, but it’s actually an amazing vegetable that does all of that and more. Carrot juice is packed with vitamin A, which is retinol – a strong compound that is found in many anti-aging products. Juice a carrot and apply it to dark circles or even the entire face every night before bed. Save any leftovers in the fridge for 2 days.

°3. Cooling Eye Mask

Invest in a cooling, gel eye mask and sleep with it. Too many people don’t take advantage of these eye masks, and although it may be weird to sleep with a mask on at first, you’ll be shocked at the results! A cooling gel eye mask will reduce eye movement and keep the area cool, reducing swelling, puffiness, and the darkness that occurs around the eyes.

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Try any or all of these and see which works best for you! I like to switch up between serum and carrot juice but I do wear my cooling eye mask every night. The results are unbelievable!

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