How to get rid of Wrinkles & Reaffirm The Skin With Egg_Recipe

When they begin to appear on your face those lines of expression and unwelcome_wrinkles, what will help you to attenuate those lines that already_exist and prevent them from being marked in excess are the wonderful home_remedies.


There are many procedures to eliminate_those lines of expression, such as botox, lifts, chemical_peels etc., but outside of causing adverse effects, they are too expensive and the effectiveness of wrinkle creams make us doubt.

Without taking into account the genetic disposition of our body to develop_wrinkles, there are some methods that we must always take into account as:

-1. Feeding nutritionally

-2. Protect from the sun

-3. Have a life without stress

-4. Do exercises regularly

-5. Give our body sufficient sleep hours It has been proven that when applying homemade masks, they

help to rejuvenate, reaffirm the texture of the skin and revitalize.

_The egg white acts in the stretching of the_skin, since it helps to stretch the loose skin, improve the firmness and tone of the skin.


-1. Separate the white from the yolk.

-2. After having cleansed the face very well, spread the clear across the complexion.

-3. Let act 15 minutes.

-4. Then rinse with plenty of warm water.

-5. It should be repeated once a week so you will have a young, smooth skin without wrinkles.

_Do not hesitate to make this recipe to reduce, prevent and eliminate wrinkles on your skin.

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