HOW TO Growing Super Long Hair

HOW TO GROW SUPER LONG HAIR : Today we’ll show you how to grow super long hair! Whether your hair barely grows or grows at a normal rate, this hair growth technique can work wonders on even the thinnest and most damaged hair! It’s completely natural, free of chemicals, and takes just minutes to make! In fact, you probably already have most of the ingredients in your pantry!

_Growing Super Long Hair

_You’ll Need:

1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp honey
one egg



In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients, making sure to beat the egg well before.
Apply entire mixture to hair, starting from roots to ends.
Massage mask into hair gently in slow circular motions. This will get the blood flowing and encourage faster hair growth.
Leave mask on for as long as you like, but the longer the better! Leave the mask on for at least 30 minutes.
We left ours on overnight and rinse it and washed it off in the morning.
Why This Hair Mask Works
Coconut Oil encourages hair growth by moisturizing the scalp as well as the ends. Coconutoil also contains omega-3 fatty acids which penetrate the hair shaft and feed the hair directly, volumizing each strand.

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Olive Oil also gives a burst of moisturize and hydration, especially for dry and damaged hair.

Honey cleanses and removes any dirt, and is also anti-fungal.

Eggs contain proteins which are necessary for hair growth. The proteins in the egg penetrate the hair shaft, strengthening each strand.

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