How to Lighten Dark Upper Lips ?

How to Lighten Dark Upper Lips ?

The common cause for dark lips are exposure to the sun, smoking, allergies, hormonal imbalance, pollution, and age. There are several lip balms and colorful lipsticks to make the lips look pinkish but they may have some bad effect. There are a number of homemade natural scrubs and remedies to lighten dark lips and to make look rosy in an effective manner.

#1. Carrot Juice to Lighten Dark Upper Lips

Carrot juice also gives benefit to the lips. Take a carrot juice in small bowl. Dip the cotton pad in the juice and apply to the lips. Apply continuously when your lips feel dry. The vitamins and moisturizing qualities in carrot juice will add color to your rosy lips and also helps to lighten dark upper lips.

#2. Orange Peel to Lighten Dark Upper Lips

Are you throwing the orange peel after eating an orange? Don’t do this as they are very useful to avoid darker lips. Orange peel manages the dark lips by providing extra shine. Sure your lips will blush like anything. Rub the orange peel on lips for two to three minutes and continue this process for a couple of weeks. this remedy will help to get rid of dark upper lips.

#3. Milk and Rose Petals Paste to Lighten Dark Upper Lips

Take one tbsp milk and add few red rose petals in it. Crush the petals with the help of pedestal in the milk till the milk gets pinkish color. Put the paste in the fridge. Apply it on your lips and let it stay on for 10-15 minutes. Remove it with wet cotton balls. This remedy will make your lips soft, shiny and will help you to lighten dark upper lips.

#4. Sugar Scrub to Lighten Dark Upper Lips

Sugar scrub works as an amazing lips exfoliate. Apply a thick paste of olive and sugar and use it as a scrub for the lips. Sugar helps in getting rid of unwanted dead cells on the lips and butter will accommodate to improve the color and add shimmer to the lips.

#5.Lemon to Lighten Dark Upper Lips

Lemon is known for its natural bleaching characteristics and so is the best remedy to lighten dark lips. You can also use it to remove dark patches and spots from the lips. Apply fresh lemon juice on the lips before sleeping with the help of cotton balls. This is the best way to get rid of dark upper lips.

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