How To Make Egg White Masks For Face (Naturaly )

How to make a mask of egg white is not difficult, but it benefits mask egg white for the face was very powerful. If your face blackheads, you can use this mask to remove the blackheads. In addition to the egg white face mask blackheads can also resolve problems other faces.

But of course, how to make the egg white mask is different for each problem skin. In the egg, there was indeed a lot of content, the fat content contained in egg yolk, while the egg whites are protein, calcium, magnesium, iron and much more.

With so many substances that are useful for health in an egg, of course, all of this must be utilized well, let’s say to the face mask, so your face was naturally louder. Everyone would want to have a face that is not tight, well now you can try out how the simple way in your home.

Here below we will inform some way to make egg white mask and steps that you can do by using egg white as a natural ingredient to get a more beautiful face.

Egg White Mask

Actually, can you mix egg white with a few other natural ingredients so that the maximum usefulness? Put egg itself has many benefits for our skin, such as pores, tighten the skin, remove the oil on the skin, dry skin, and much more. If you want to make a mask of egg whites, here are somehow.

1. egg white mask for dry skin

First puree first ripe avocado. After that mix with egg white and stir until blended. When it is blended and then apply on your face. Wait a few moments then rinse with warm water.

2. The egg white mask for oily face

To cope with egg white oily you need a more natural materials, namely lemon. The way the squeeze 3 lemon and take water, mix the juice with egg white. Apply on your face and let stand for 20 minutes. The final step rinse the face with water until clean.

3. The egg white mask for normal skin

Normal skin also took care to avoid the various problems of the skin. Well how simply by mixing the egg white with honey to taste. Once well blended and then apply on your face and let sit a while or until dry. Rinse with warm water to open the pores and continued with cold water to close it again.

4. The egg white mask for the face of blackheads

Namely how to whisk the egg whites until frothy then apply all over your face. After that just paste it dry tissue in the face that had you apply the egg whites. Allow to dry and then lift the tissue and wash your face with water until clean.

5. The egg white mask for facial acne


The first step of the first set up a medium-size cucumber, wash and grate the cucumber. Combine the grated cucumber with egg white and apply on your face. Allow a few moments and rinse your face thoroughly.

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