How to Remove Ingrown Hair in 4 Easy Steps

Ingrown hairs are hairs that were crimped by root and grew under the skin instead of growing out of it. They are not a serious problem, but are unsightly, and it’s frustrating when you want to have nice legs or look good in underwear.

Ingrown hairs produce skin irritation and inflammation that looks like a small pimple. Sometimes you can see the hair under the skin, sometimes you only see a small lump. If you’re not careful to treat it, you can get a serious infection. This problem is most common in people who have curly, thick hair.

Apply products that contain salicylic acid on areas with ingrown hair, because it will help reduce redness and inflammation. Also, these products will help exfoliate and moisturize the skin. In addition, these products can be applied on fresh epilated areas and so you prevent hair growth.

Use tweezers to remove hairs beneath the skin. Gently lift the hair, then remove it. Afterwards, apply a cream containing salicylic acid to avoid skin irritation.

To prevent ingrown hairs use an exfoliating product every time you shower. Opt for exfoliating gels based on salicylic acid, as are excellent and are indicated before shaving.

In areas where you have ingrown hairs, change the sense that you’re shaving, or waxing and avoid waxing foams. Opt for creams specifically designed for sensitive areas.

Follow a natural treatment with salt

Salt is cheap, accessible and very easy to use. It exfoliates your skin, ensures good blood circulation, reduce irritation and helps to heal folliculitis. If you use salt-based cosmetics, you will notice that the effects of folliculitis will decrease and you will escape the drudgery that don’t let you expose your legs. If you decide to use a treatment with salt, you have to know how to proceed.

Method: Heat a cup of water and add half a teaspoon of salt. Mix well, then moisten a cotton pad. Dab the area where the hairs have grown under the skin, then rub circular. Finally, let the skin dry and do not rinse!

The treatment should be followed every day until the hairs resurface. You can try another option, namely: to pour a tablespoon of salt in the shower gel. Then, use the shower gel normally. Finally, rinse with plenty of lukewarm water. The salt will exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells, and cleansing the pores. The unwanted hair will surface and then you’ll have to gently wax it. Furthermore, over time, the folliculitis will reduce its intensity and after a long term treatment, you’ll get rid of it permanently.

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