This 9-Step Workout Will Help You Remove Facial Fat And Fight Wrinkles

The most common thing to do nowadays is to rush for plastic surgery if you have wrinkles, double chin or chubby cheeks. Why unnecessary try to combat something that is actually a result of your lifestyle. Just change and opt for a healthier lifestyle and you reduce the aging process. You can look naturally younger without experiencing any pain by doing face yoga.

The benefits of facial exercise are that they mildly tone and strengthen your facial muscles as well as improve circulation and it is not like cosmetic procedures, injections, etc. This article will provide you a workout plan which will help in slimming down your face as well as make your face smooth and get rid of wrinkles and unwanted lines in just 9 steps.

Sculpt your jaw line
Your jawline is a defining feature of your face. If neglected and by eating a fatty diet, you may soon develop fat that can sag and make the skin of the jawline look chubby and wrinkly. Besides doing this exercise, make sure you avoid unhealthy fats and sugary foods.

What to do
On both sides of your chin, place both your palms alongside the jawline. Then push your chin upwards, but make sure to keep your head straight while doing it, so that your neck muscles will create resistance. Hold in that position for some seconds and then release. Repeat: 10-15 times.

Improve blood circulation
Don’t forget, your skin is also a type of organ of your body and it needs oxygen. Oxygenating the facial skin will rejuvenate it and reduce the aging process naturally. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and do this exercise regularly.

What to do
You have to place your palms on your temples of the head and then close both your eyes. Slowly, sideways stretch the skin on your forehead. Then extend your tongue out as much as you can. Breathe slowly, by using your nose to inhale and mouth to exhale. Duration: 30 seconds.

Strengthen your cheeks
Rather than have those flabby chubby cheeks, here is something you can do to tone and strengthen your cheeks.

On your mouth, place your right hand’s 3 middle fingers. On your left cheek, place your left hand’s palm. From your nose, take a deep breath and then puff your cheeks out, but your mouth should be closed. Use your hand to gently press your left cheek. Hold it a few seconds and then release. Repeat: 10-12 times on each side.

Relax your eye muscles
The eye muscles also need toning and exercising because pouchy eyelids and under eye skin can lead to wrinkles and a flabby droopy eye look. You don’t want that so it’s best to follow this routine daily.

What to do
Form a V-shape by placing your fingers below and above your eyes. Your eyes should be between your middle and ring fingers, your middle fingers should rest right on your eyebrows, and your thumbs should be placed in the hair behind your ears. Make sure that your eyes are in-between your ring and middle finger. Your middle finger should be placed on your eyebrows and your thumb should be fixed behind your hair. Stretch the skin near your eyes by lifting your eyebrows and use your fingers to lower your jawbones. Duration: 30 seconds

Sharpen your nose
One of the best features of the face is your nose. To sculpt your nose and make it perfect, here’s what you can do.

Use your hands to make loose fists and then fix them over your upper lips such that just below your nostrils lies your index fingers. Stretch the skin under your nose gently downwards. Duration: 30 seconds.

Get rid of wrinkles around your mouth
Here is how to get rid of wrinkles around your mouth.

On your cheeks, place your palms in such a way that your finger points behind your head. Then you need to keep your mouth open while making the tip of your tongue touch your palate. Push your tongue tip towards the palate and then stretch the skin around your nose gently.

Duration: 30-40 seconds

Tighten your chin
To tighten your chin and get rid of the fat there just follows this routine.

On your cheekbones, place your middle and index finger. Open your mouth a bit and then slowly make your lower lip curl inwards to your teeth. Try to smile as wide as possible without changing the position of your lower lip. Then make your lower lip curl a bit more inward so that a stretch can be felt in your chin.

Duration: 30 seconds.

Reduce forehead wrinkles
On the temples of your head, place the palms of your hand. Use your hands to push towards your scalp line gently so that a stretch can be felt under your eyes and in your forehead. Do this for 30 seconds.

Prevent sagging eyelids
Sagging eyelids are an unattractive feature. Here’s what to do.

On your eyebrows, place the tip of 3 of the middle fingers of both hands and then close your eyes. Use your fingers to push your eyebrows up so as to stretch the area of the skin above your eyelids. Duration: 20-30 seconds.

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