How To Remove Moles In Less Than A Week

How To Remove Moles In Less Than A Week

Before you go about doing anything with your moles, get them checked out! You want to make sure that your moles aren’t cancerous before you try anything. I also suggest that you don’t try this on your face as it may leave a scar.

This method worked perfectly for me. I removed 2 moles, one on my head (scalp, under my hair) and one on my thigh, and I only used garlic and Vaseline. The one on my thigh however, came back, so I had to do it twice. The best thing about this method is it’s super easy and it rarely leaves a scar (some may get scars).

Here is how to remove a mole with garlic:

1. Prepare the garlic. Peel one small clove of garlic. You only need small one as you’re only going to cut a small piece the size of your mole. Cut a round circular piece small enough to just cover the surface of your mole, if you cut it any bigger, it will overlap and affect the skin around the mole, possibly resulting in scarring. Lightly flatten the piece with the blade to squeeze some garlic juice.

2. Put vaseline around the mole. You will need a q-tip to apply the Vaseline around the area of the mole. The vaseline protects the skin around the mole. When you apply the garlic on your skin, the juice will lightly burn the mole, removing the layers of skin. The pigment should be gone, and when your skin heals, it will be your normal skin color.

3. Lightly scratch the mole. This is just to make sure that the garlic juice really gets down into your skin. It’s not absolutely neccessary, but it may take a little longer to remove the mole if you choose not to.

4. Place the garlic directly on the mole. It’s best to use your finger to keep it in place because taping it or using a bandied can allow the garlic to shift around. Make sure that the only skin the garlic touches is your mole. You don’t want the garlic sitting on regular skin. The garlic piece should sit on top of the mole like a puzzle. Keep the garlic on the mole for 15 minutes (edit: some people commented that they had no problems with keeping it on longer, so keep it on for as long as you’re comfortable). If you find that 15 minutes is too long, you can go ahead and remove it. Keep in mind that removing it early may mean that you will have to have more of these garlic sessions to fully remove the mole.

5. Wash the area. Clean the garlic juice and Vaseline off. This will keep you from smelling like garlic. To remove the garlic smell off of your fingers, just rub them on a stainless steel surface (knife, spoon, sink).

Do this for about 3-5 days or until the pigment is no longer there or the mole scabs over. It took me only 3 days for the mole on my thigh and about 4-5 days for my head mole. The mole on my thigh just rubbed off on the fourth day and the mole on my head scabbed over. When the mole rubs off or scabs over, put some triple antibiotic ointment to encourage healing and prevent scarring.

After the mole comes off, it will leave behind a pink spot where the mole was. You want to prevent it from forming a scab, so it’s important to keep it moist with ointment or oils. If it does scab over, it’s more likely to leave a scar.

Results may be different for you. My moles were flat and I didn’t get any scars. Your mole may not completely go away, only lighten up a bit, or it may go away and come back a week later. It’s also possible that you may get a scar. I just wanted to share a method that worked perfectly for me. Hopefully it works for you as well!

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