Remove Under The Skin Pimples Without Damaging Your Skin

Remove Under The Skin Pimples Without Damaging Your Skin , Learn how to bring under skin pimples to surface and get rid of them. There are many ways to get rid of pimples, but most times you get an unaesthetic scar. Try these remedies to efficiently get rid of them.

1. Herbal acne cream:

We know that almost all of these creams smell badly, but most of them are great for their results. These creams from natural extracts have many benefits for the skin. Fasten the healing with calendula and use Echinacea for its antiseptic qualities.

2. Hot compresses:

If you apply a hot compress to the affected area, the infection will progress to skin surface, because the heat from the hot water attracts bacteria to the surface and opens pores.

3. Hot and cold compresses:

If you alternate hot and cold compresses, your skin will throw the infection to the outside and you can then just squeeze the pimple.

4. Old medicines:

For this remedy, crush a tablespoon of chopped onion, a tablespoon of garlic and one of freshly grated ginger, mix them well and apply the mixture to the affected area. The pimple will drain safely.

5. Black tea bags:

Just put a black tea bag on the pimple and the infection will get to the surface and redness and inflammation will be reduced.

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