5 Simple & Natural Tips to Get Silky Smooth Hair

It’s hard not to feel envious when you see someone with long and luscious locks. More so, when you find out that they were born with hair that gorgeous while you are stuck with hair that is dull and rough. Frizzy, unmanageable hair that lacks shine.

However, a lot of women don’t realize that this is an issue with a fix. With the right hair care routine in place, your hair, too, can make heads turn. Following, I’ve put together, a list of 5 simple treatments that will help boost your hair’s health, making it long, silky, and soft.

1. Rinse with cold water.  

For the shiniest, silkiest hair, rinse with cold water, which helps seal the cuticle of every hair. I know, I know… it’s hard to rinse in cold in the shower! But save the cold rinse for last, just before you get out… it’s totally worth it… BRR!

2. Rinse with… BEER? 

This is a tip for silky hair your boyfriend won’t believe — rather than rinsing with water, rinse with cold beer! I’m not quite sure how this works, or why, but it does… but be sure to rinse with cool water after the beer rinse, or you’ll smell like a pub.

3. Use an egg mask? 

Another tip for silky hair that starts in the kitchen! After washing and conditioning, apply a mask of two egg whites to your hair, then wait for ten minutes and rinse with cold water. Be careful! If you rinse with warm or hot water, you’ll end up cooking the eggs in your hair… ick!

4. Skip a day.  

Here’s an unexpected tip for silky hair: don’t wash it every day. If your hair is shoulder-length or longer, it needs the natural oils, and will dry out if you wash too often. When my hair was to the middle of my back, I only washed it every 3 days, unless I used product during that time.

5. Use a hot oil treatment.  

Here’s another tip for silky hair, one my grandmother used that actually works treat your tresses to a hot oil treatment once a week, or once every two weeks. My favorite is Josie Maran’s Argan Hot Oil Self-Heating Hair Treatment… it works magic in only a minute!

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