Home Remedy For Sweaty Feet

As one of the biggest taboos out there, body odor is something that is extremely unflatering. If you

suffer from feet that could clear a room, this may just be for you. Overly sweaty, smelly feet, also

known as bromodosis, is usually caused by bacteria that grows easily in damp, warm conditions. This

can be caused by wearing the same shoes every day, stress and anxiety, warm weather conditions, and

not wearing socks. The most common sufferers are young teens, elderly people and those who play

sports. Sometimes this can’t just be washed off in the shower, so this home remedy for sweaty feet is

just what you need!

Home Remedy for Sweaty Feet

The goal is to reduce the bacteria and dry out the area to prevent the bad odor. This can be difficult since

the feet have over half a million sweat glands but it is not impossible.

You’ll Need:

1 part apple cider vinegar
2 parts water
3-4 tbsp baking soda


All you have to do it get a small bucket or medium sized bowl and mix in one part apple cider vinegar

and two parts water. Next, you add 3 or 4 tablespoons of baking soda and mix until it dissolves.

Soak your feet for about half an hour and then scrub with a soft loofah. Your feet will smell like vinegar

but only until you wash them thoroughly with soap and warm water.

You may repeat as needed throughout the week.

Another way to help reduce embarrassing foot odor and sweat, would be to keep your toe nails trimmed,

clean and disinfected. Most of the time we forget that nail hygiene is important as if not taken care of

properly, it can cause fungal infections and terrible smells. Try wearing more open, breathable shoes and

going for a pedicure every once and a while.

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