5 Simple Ways To Remove Makeup Naturally

After an entire day at work you simply feel like flopping down on the pillow. Well it is understood that both your body and mind are tired. On Fridays it gets even worse, after a day at work you head for a party to celebrate the beginning of another weekend and then you have no energy left to remove your mascara and foundation. You are doing immense harm to your skin by not removing makeup before hitting the bed. Another big mistake is using harmful chemicals to remove make up. Staying close to nature is best when it comes to skincare.

♥ 1. Olive Oil:

Olive oil is suitable for dry skin as it has softening agents. Generally, oil based foundations are best for

dry skin so for removing it you will need olive oil. However, if you have sensitive skin then castor oil and

jojoba oil are the best options for you.

♥ 2. Baby Oil:

Eye makeup like eyeliner and mascara is really tough to remove. Baby oil can come handy to remove mascara and eye makeup. You can also use it to remove foundation from the skin. First get rid of makeup by applying baby oil with a cotton ball. Then wipe the oil residues with a wet washcloth. You can also use baby lotion to remove makeup from your skin.

♥ 3. Milk:

Use raw milk to clean your eye makeup like kohl and mascara. A swipe of a cotton ball soaked in milk will remove your stubborn mascara in a jiffy. Then splash some lukewarm water. If you have sensitive skin then raw milk is a very good option. If you don’t use heavy makeup then you can use milk on a daily basis to remove makeup.

♥ 4. Baby Wipes:

Keep some baby wipes handy, they can help to remove makeup without causing skin irritation. It also makes your skin feel soft and fresh.

♥ 5. Cucumber Juice:

Grate a cucumber and extract the juice. Mix one-eighth cup of cucumber juice with baby oil. Apply it with cotton to remove makeup.

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