Why your hair is so dry?

There are many reasons behind dry hair, including internal or external causes. External factors may include the weather (cold weather = drier hair), the number of times you wash your hair, the hair products you use or styling tools, while internal factors include the foods you eat, what medications can affect you, and even genetics. In the following lines, we will get to know in detail those factors for the problem of dry hair.

Causes of dry hair

1- Weather


One of the most common causes, and sometimes we ignore them, is the weather or climate factor, and more specifically air. There are seasons and varying temperatures. The colder the weather, the drier the air, and this not only removes moisture from your hair, but also makes your hair dull and brittle, and more prone to dryness and split ends.

2- Wash hair frequently


 If you wash your hair a lot, you may wonder why your hair is still dry? Dry hair occurs as a result of a lack of moisture, and over-washing the hair strips the natural oils and can cause dryness of the scalp and sometimes itching, in addition to drying out your hair. Dermatologists and hair care experts recommend that you only wash your hair once – twice a week.

3- Medicines


 If you notice that your hair is suddenly dry, or it has been dry for a long time, the cause may be the medications you are taking. There are some medications that can cause dry hair including antidepressants, some antibiotics, gout, anti-fungal and high blood pressure medications, weight loss medications, and hormone therapy. Therefore, it is important to read and know the side effects of medicines, and although these medicines cannot be prevented in severe cases, the doctor can prescribe another medicine with fewer side effects.

4- Hair styling tools


Styling tools like iron, etc., may affect the health of the hair. Although there is no complete way to protect your hair from the heat of a dryer or iron, except by using it less often. However, there are some serums that protect hair before using heat tools to avoid drying and damage to the hair.

5- Chemically straighten hair


Chemically treated hair makes a lot of pressure on your hair. If you color your hair or use chemical straightening methods, you may notice that your strands become drier and more brittle. The ideal dry month treatment to avoid dry hair is to limit the use of hair dyes (it is only sufficient 4-6 times a year), in addition to avoiding straightening hair and straightening it by chemical treatments.

6- Heredity


Sometimes, dry hair may be a genetic factor. If your mom or dad is prone to dry hair, your son / daughter is likely too. The best way to treat dry hair as a genetic factor is to keep it healthy, moisturize it, and choose the best hair care products.

The most important natural way to treat dry hair


Reducing hair washing: To avoid dry hair, wash it once – only twice a week to get healthy hair and to avoid removing the natural oils that nourish the hair and maintain its shine and shine, which is considered one of the best ways to treat dry hair.


Tip: add a teaspoon of honey, aloe vera gel or ground ginger with a little shampoo diluted with water, massage the hair and leave for a few minutes. This is a great way to avoid dry scalp and make your hair soft and shiny.


Moisturise your hair with natural oils: Coconut oil and Argan oil are especially great for dry hair. Coconut oil naturally nourishes the scalp and provides moisture, treating dry, brittle hair. While argan oil helps increase hair elasticity and restore lost moisture. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, this wonderful oil can do wonders for your hair


Here’s how to use argan oil or coconut oil to treat dry hair


Massage the scalp with a tablespoon of argan oil or coconut oil (the amount can be increased according to the length and density of the hair).


Leave the oil on for two hours while covering the hair with a hot towel or a shower cap.


Wash hair with shampoo.


Repeat this method twice a week for at least a month.


Read shampoo and conditioner ingredients carefully: Sometimes shampoo ingredients can dry out hair, especially sulfates and parabens. The best way is to read the ingredients of any hair care product, and the more natural oils, glycerine, and natural moisturizers in shampoo or any hair product the better for overcoming the problem of dry hair.




Eat fatty fish: All fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel contain omega-3 acids. These acids help nourish the scalp and hair, and protect it from split ends and dryness. Therefore, you should eat these fish at least twice to treat the problem of dry hair and your health in general.

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